Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saint Claire of Assisi

St Claire of Assisi (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253) was an Italian saint and follower of Saint Francis of Assisi, so if you have a close spiritual connection with him, in theory, it will be easier to work with her or reach her due to their affinity, the practice of calling on other saints and spirits to help us contact one in particular is something i was introduced to by Devi Spring owner of Queen of Pentacles Conjure & Witchery on her article on St Dymphna.
St Claire was also the founder of the Order of Poor Ladies and wrote their monastic rules, from which we can assume some qualities to her as leader and strict woman, not the kind of saint you call on to play around or take lightly, she commanded and ruled a nunnery in life, so don’t expect her to be a softie. The importance of hagiographies of saints is to know what we can expect from them and what they are like as a person, these spirits are very much human, and as saints they are filled with love and desire to help us, but still keep their personalities after passing, the more you read on them the better you will be able to communicate.
St Claire lived a monastic life and there for is hardworking and austere, most of the workings related to her only ask for a glass of water and an egg. The use of these two elements comes from her use of a monstrance to chase away an army that wanted to assault her convent, she took out the monstrance from the altar, prayed to God and showed it to the soldier over the wall which caused them to run away in fear stricken down by God. 
She’s considered to be the catholic patron saint of television and unofficial saint of psychics. Both of these associations come from her ability to see the mass projected on the wall of her bedroom while bedridden and sick.
She’s mostly called on to clear things up, from problems and confusion to uncrossing and road opening work, others ask her to help them make decisions, cleanse their homes and give them clarity.
St Claire’s uncrossing and cleansings on the body are said to be performed from feet to head, instead from top to bottom as usual, sounds odd? Well, give it a try and see what works for you.
Also, when working with her on behalf of others, it’s customary to give the person her holy card, I been told that yours will go missing if you don’t give the other person their own.

Colors: white and blue.

Day: August 11

Herb: Camphor seems to be the most common, thou I have heard a very respectable worker suggest star anise, due to the doctrine of signatures association to stars and light the bring clarity.

Cleansing Prayer to St Claire:
Dignified mother saint Claire
Mirror of purity
Firm foundation and living faith
Charity and herald of virtue
Cleanse from our souls all blemish and guilt
I beg of you for the sake of peace and order of my soul
For I trust in the infinite goodness that by your merits
I will obtain his higher glory, amen
May your divine assitence always remain with us.  Amen.

House cleansing work with St Claire: Caribbean style.
You will need:
1 Blessing or St Claire oil or wash.
1 Bottle of Holy water.
1 Blueing square
1 Cascarilla cup
1 Glass of water full up to half
 1 Egg
 3 Camphor squares or EO drops.
 1 White vigil light.

Mix the blessing or St Claire oil or wash with the blueing square, holy water and a spoon of cascarilla in a bucket to wash the floors with it. Place inside a half full glass of water the camphor and egg, Light the vigil candle state your petition and pray the following:
“In the name of God I call on you glorious virgin and dignified mother Saint Claire, mirror of sanctitude and purity, bless this glass so it may illuminate and bless my home”
This should be performed for 9 days, trowing the water on the street and breaking the egg on a crossroad.

To clear or uncross someones thoughts: Caribbean style
Ideal for situations when a person is being unclear, undecisive or worked on through confusion or domination.
You will need:
1 Glass of water
1 Picture of the person.
1 white vigil candle.
Take the glass filled with water and make the sign of the cross on top of it and pray:
“Saint Claire, here I offer you this glass of water that represents the thought, judgement and will of _______________ for as clear as is this water so may the thoughts of ____________ be, so that whenever he/she is with me there may be no ill thought or confusion towards me”
Place the glass on top of the picture and light the candle as you pray the following:
"Saint Claire, here I light up this candle for you, to illuminate and clear the thoughts of ____________, so if theres someone working to confuse ___________, I pray that you set aside all negative thoughts. Amen”


The following was written by H'oungan Assogue Liam Richard-Howes and taken with due permission from his very educative forum Kiwimojo. I highly recommend joining if you are interested in Haitian Vodou, Santeria and Hoodoo. H'oungan Liam is a very knowledgeable man as much as a kind and serious practitioner who is always willing to help. You should also check out his website to learn about vodou or in case you are in need of a good h'oungan.

Thank you H'oungan for letting me share this on my blog.

Vodou and Catholicism can not be separated. You see there are lwa who are indeed Catholic Saints. Filomez, the younger and delightful sister of Erzulie Freda, is none other that the Blessed and Holy St Philomena, while her sister Klemezin is also the beautiful St. Claire, light of Vodou.

St. Claire is a powerful Spirit indeed. In Vodou she is served both as St. Claire and as an image of the L'wa. Which L'wa will depend on where the Vodouisant is from. In some houses she is served as Ayizan, the mother of all initiates, however this association to me makes no sense for a couple of reasons. Ayizan is the palm, she is not served on altars, but is served through a rite that centres on the palm tree. It is the fronds of the palm that are served, saluted and fed and this is how we always acknowledge Ayizan.

In our house St. Claire is associated with the L'wa Klemizin. Klemizin is a part of the escourt of Erzulie Freda and Klemizin is a strong and confident Mambo. Klemizin is also the Kryeol-isation of Claire, and a reminder that Klemizin is the Saint in her Haitian character. St. Claire/Klemizin can light the way forward in any situation. Are you undsure what to do? Don't know which road to take? In the middle of a situation that you really are not sure which path/road to take? Then take it to St. Claire/Klemizin.

One of the best ways to have St. Claire/Klemizin illuminate a situation is to set a white/St. Claire candle for her. You can have these fixed with St. Claire oil and silver glitter [or powdered silver]. Place this candle next to a glass of water [in front of an image/statue of St. Claire if you have one] and pray with all your help. Remember, St. Claire will not necessarily change the path that is in front of you, but she will illuminate a way towards clarity and solutions.

Ayibobo Klemizin! Ayibobe Sen Claire! Ayibobo tout L'wa yo!

Houngan Liam