Monday, May 16, 2011

Saint Michael The Archangel

Saint Michael The Archangel is one of the most important entities in the catholic pantheon, petitioned to defend from evil, undo it and general pleas of justice. He is considered to be extremely powerful and helpful against ones enemies and specially attacks from demonic origin. Even thou he is known to be an archangel, meaning he is a main (arch) messenger (angel) of God, others place him on different angelic choirs stating he holds several positions inside the heavenly hierarchy. Highly regarded among all the angels for being most  helpful and effective against evil, even in dominican vudu 21 division he is syncretized with Belie Belcan an protective spirit said to be the owner of all "works" in this world, who can untie any trick and protect against them. In some currents of santeria he is Oggun, the warrior oricha of metal, work and war.

His patronage includes police officers and those in charge of protecting others. He was also once considered a psychopomp, which means he holds power over the dead. 

His day is september 29th, his color is red or blue, his talisman is a little sword and his herbs are michaelmas daisy, angelica root, garlic and guinea peppers

Among the different devotions dedicated to St Michael which you can do in his name or to develop a relationship with him are:

Playing the Te Splendor a Roman Catholic hymn dedicated to Saint Michael.

Praying the Chaplet to St Michael, his most famous prayer or his novena

Or carrying St Michael's Scapular.

A traditional reversal work in Latin America is the Revocación con San Miguel Arcangel. It purpose is to call off any work sent against you and turn it back against to who threw it. One of the good things about this trick is that it doesn't call on any names so it sends back any harm known or unknown to you. There are two variations to this work and the prayer. 

1 Red Candle
1 white plate

First you say a prayer to st Michael, any of your choice, prayer from the heart also works. Then you take the red candle, cut the top off and carve out a new wick out of the bottom. Holding the candle in its former upright position and pray the following as you turn it: 

As i turn this candle i have on my hand so may all my enemies and all wrong they are doing against me or trowing against me turn, be it man or woman. May I call on my enemies with these holy words and have them come humiliated to my feet, as Satan was humiliated to saint Michael's feet. may they have eyes and not see me, hand and not touch me, thoughts and not think of me, knives and not cut me, weapons and not shoot me, mouth and not speak to me. May all harm found at my home be undone and return, so it may become a blessing, and may anyone trying to do harm against me have his ideas undone and turn back in regret. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of all that is good, Amen. 

The second version of the trick calls for a glass which you fill up with water to a little bit more than half, place a plate on top of it and turn it around, setting a white candle on top of the glass which you have fixed the same way as the red candle. After the candle burns out you dispose of the water and cleanse the glass with a bit of ammoniac. 

If you wish to add reversal oil to the candle or Saint Michael oil it can be done without any problem. 

For protection work calling on Saint Michael i recommend the following:

Check out Devi's awesome amparo video, a traditional mexican curanderismo protection you can learn how to make on your own or have her make one for you, shes a very knowledgeable worker and also has a close relationship with Saint Michael, so you can trust her to make a very strong protection for you.

You can also get Momma Starr's Saint Michael Protection kit that comes with all the necessary implements to protect yourself with Saint Michael's help. Starr has over 30 years of experience and has worked with this angelic saint for a long time, making her own products the traditional way with prayer and all the right herbs.  

And if you are feeling more adventurous, Doña Concha a traditional Curandera, teaches you how to fix a Saint Michael medal for protection on her blog.

Mister M. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catholic Hoodoo by Dr Raven.

Dr Raven has been kind enough to mention my new blog on his own, along a very informative post on the historical insertion of catholicism into conjure practice, named: Catholic hoodoo. Check it out!.  

Thank you Dr Raven!  


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saint Barbara

As one of the 14 holy helpers, this saint has maintained her reputation even after being removed from the liturgical list by the Vatican due to insufficient historical accounts of her true existence. Yet this hasn’t stopped her to reach a cult like status, especially in south America due to her associations to two orichas, Shango in Santeria and Iansa in Umbanda, the reason for this syncretism arises from St Barbara’s association with lighting, due to her father’s death by mean of this natural element under God’s hand.

St Barbara is associated with lightning, a tower, where she was kept imprisoned by her father, a sword due to her beheading and a palm as a symbol of martyrdom, sometimes she is also represented with a cup in hand, reason why she is offered wine.

Among her offering one finds red candles, red roses and flowers, wine and red apples, which some people hollow out to make oil lamps to work with her. In most parts it is difficult to differentiate when she’s being revered as an African spirit or as a catholic saint, most of the times I have found she’s seen as both at the same time. Reason why so many santeros celebrate her the 4th of December, even knowing she stands for Chango they still call it Saint Barbara’s feast.

Shes the patron saint of people who work with explosives, such as miners, military and things involving artillery, also those who have been imprisoned and architects because of the tower. But she’s mostly called on to protect people from injustice and help them defeat enemies and obstacles, some even ask her to reunite lovers, thou I have found accounts of workers who says this is not her strong suit, when I asked why, I was told her association with Chango, who was a womanizer, made her unfit to bring true and steady love, as a catholic I would be more inclined to say that a virgin martyr isn’t too keen on love affairs, but that’s just a loose opinion, especially since the trick I’m providing is for love.

On regards to her correspondences her color is red, her herb is the Snake plant according to Brazilian tradition and her amulet is usually a tiny golden sword worn to keep her protection over you.

Prayer to calm down storms: European.

Blessed Saint Barbara
In heaven thou has written
on paper with holy water
on the arch above the cross
three times: amen Jesus, amen Jesus amen Jesus.

To protect a couple with St Barbara: Caribbean.

In case there is a relationship that’s threatened by others whether by natural or supernatural means, you can call on this saint to help you.
Warrior of heaven, blessed Saint Barbara, hear my plea of love so that _______ and__________ may be joined both in body and soul. Protecting them so no one stands on their way to happiness and union. Anoint my hairs and quench my thirst with your infinite love toward my good wishes. Powerful guardian of justice and the impossible, fight on behalf of these two eternal lovers, so be it, amen.