Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Conjure Coffee Break Hour

I would like to invite you all today to listen in to Momma Starr's new radio show, Conjure Coffee Break Hour, thou right now its just a half and hour program, the more people listening in everyday wednesday or listening afterwards showing their support and interest, the closer it will be to become a full hour radio show.   

Momma Starr is a wonderful conjure worker and a caring person, the format of this show is a bit different from her Old Style Conjure radio show, and so far its a labor of love dedicated to promote conjure and help people through spirit. Also its the only radio show, as far as i know, that teaches how to divine with playing cards from the perspective of traditional rootwork and conjure. 

Momma Starr is a certified member of AIRR and knows her way around the cards very well. If you wish to learn more about traditional hoodoo and card divination tune in to her show for a wealth of information straight from the heart and with good spirit all around. 

Today's show will be dedicated to Peace in the Home.


  1. Hola Mister M, vi en el blog de Devi que eres Venezolano, yo también lo soy, me encantaría ponerme en contacto contigo y compartir experiencias e ideas...
    un abrazo
    Giovanni :.

    1. Epale, claro, tienes alguna forma de contactarte?